Videos, slides and posters are due to Underline on May 19 May 26. Posters should be A0 portrait. Videos uploaded to Underline should be 13 minutes. Slides should be 16:9 ratio.

Oral Presentations

Oral presentations should be 13 minutes. Slides should be 16:9 ratio.

In person posters

We are happy to offer poster printing services. In order to cover the demand of all participants, please read carefully the instructions regarding format, timing and technical specifications.


Poster price is 300 Mexican Pesos per unit, taxes included (this is equivalent to around 18 USD). Payment has to be done to the following link: paypal.me/EnefectoPrint. Make sure payment is done in Mexican Pesos.


The deadline to submit your poster is on Friday, June 7th EOD, in order to deliver the printed pieces on Friday, June 14th at the beginning of the day. Poster orders placed from June 7th - 13th cost 450 Mexican Pesos, taxes included (equivalent to 27 USD) and will be delivered 9 am on Monday, June 17th. If you need to print a poster during the week of the conference, you can place a 24-hour order for the price of 600 Mexican Pesos, taxes included (equivalent to 36 USD).


To submit your poster for printing, please send an email to the following address: PostersNACCL@enefecto.com.mx, with the following info:

  • Your name
  • Proof of payment thru PayPal, with the file name as part of the reference
  • File to print


Posters will be printed in A0 format (84.1 x 118.9 cm, / 33.1” x 46.8”) in Portrait / Vertical format. All posters will be considered in full color. The price does not change if design is in black and white. All posters will be printed in a substrate equivalent to 300 gsm.

The file submitted for printing needs to cover these specs:

  • File in PDF format
  • Final arts at 100% of printing size
  • CMYK color scheme
  • Text and images in vectors
  • Photos at 300 dpi, embedded
  • Trim lines
  • 3 mm bleed area

Due to the expected load of work for this event, we cannot make any changes of any part of the posters you send as final art. We will execute a process called ‘preflight’ before printing, to review and fix the most common mistakes on files, such as RGB color scheme, sizing, margins; but we cannot take responsibility for the final result of the poster if it does not come with the right specifications.


Files will be printed as they are delivered on a first come first served basis. Posters can be picked at the Registration Solutions Desk located on Level 2 outside of Don Américo.