The ACL Executive Committee has voted to change the Anonymity Policy. We suggest that authors read the announcement to understand how this might impact your decisions with regard to your submission. To summarize:

  • The new Anonymity Policy will apply to papers committed to NAACL on Feb 20, 2024. Under this new policy, submissions must still remain anonymous but there is no anonymity period (so authors may post/discuss preprints if desired).
  • The new policy similarly applies to authors wishing to submit to the ARR February 2024 cycle.
  • The original Anonymity Policy continues to apply to submissions reviewed under the ARR December 2023 cycle. For these submissions, the anonymity period remains in effect until the end of the cycle (Feb 15, 2024). After this time, it is allowable to post preprint versions of these submissions online, if desired.

Some example scenarios of what is allowed now:

  • Suppose you have a submission in the ARR December 2023 cycle. After Feb 15, 2024, you may post an online preprint under your name while also committing the paper to NAACL 2024 on Feb 20, 2024.
  • Suppose you have a submission in the ARR October 2023 cycle or earlier. It is not in the ARR December 2023 cycle and you plan to commit to NAACL 2024. You may post an online preprint under your name at any time starting on Jan 12, 2024 (when the new policy is adopted).

Note that, as before, papers committed to NAACL 2024 will remain anonymous and must be ARR submissions reviewed in an ARR cycle that completed before Feb 20, 2024. While there is an author rebuttal phase in the ARR cycle, the committed papers may not be revised. In the NAACL commitment site (which opens in early Feb 2024), authors will simply enter the URL of the ARR submission and a short (optional) message to the Senior Area Chairs of the NAACL conference.